Outstanding Results

Our diligent efforts are bearing fruit.

R Corporation is a digital marketing company specializing in e-commerce. Specifically, we are focused on industry, notably the health food and cosmetics sectors; in fact, we will not accept business from any other industry.

In addition, our business model is characterized by close links between our customers’ profitability and our own. Therefore, receiving an order from a customer is just the start of our relationship, and not merely the end goal; in other words, in order to ensure a “WIN-WIN outcome”, it is necessary to produce results. To that end, we have established an approach that ensures our in-house system is the first to produce results. We then follow up with extensive verification on a daily basis in order to observe the customers’ results firsthand.

As we continue to make efforts to achieve provable results, we will clarify the areas where we can provide value while refining our services. Our vision is to provide the utmost in customer care.